Chair Massage with The Wright Touch
Chair Massage Clients
- Google
- Verizon
- Accenture
- Skybitz
- Mitre Corporation
- Northwest Federal Credit Union
- Bohler Engineering
- Wolftrap
Employee apprecation Events
- Capital One
- Shenandoah University Leesburg
- Shenandoah University Fairfax
- Southland Corporation
- AKB Enterprises
- Bullock & Associates
- Alexandria Animal Hospital
Teacher Appreciation Events
- Hammond Middle School
- Academy of Christian Education
- Hunter Mill School
- Fox Mill School
Special events
- Rolling Thunder
- Avon Breast Cancer Walk
- Wounded Warrior Fundraiser
- Fisher House Fundraiser
Conferences & EXPOS
- Access on Time
- B4Schools
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20+ years as a massage therapist in Northern Virginia and a 1999 Massage Therapist Graduate of AKS Massage School with 750 hours of applied kinesthetic learning
Ready for chair massage at the Bohler Engineering office in Warrenton, VA

Patricia Wright offers chair massage throughout the Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. area at offices, schools, and events. Chair massage offers instant relief even in busy locations or in a vacant office or room. Clients stay fully clothed and receive 10-30 minutes of full body massage or massage in targeted areas. Many massage therapists focus on the back and neck when doing chair massage but Patricia takes pride in getting these areas as well as the arms, legs, and hands too.

Chair massage is an excellent way to show your employees you care while investing in their health. An employer can pay for employee's massage or can simply offer the service at their offices as a perk. With the latter option,employees can receive regular therapy, book, and pay for the massage themselves. If the office or team meets a goal, the employer can opt to pay for the massages as an incentive or thank you. Patricia has regularly provides chair massage as several business offices with rave reviews.

"When she enters our office, she brings a light-hearted sense of humor, professionalism, and care with every massage she provides. You can truly tell she strives to provide the best care and knowledge for her clients." - Alysa Mason, Bohler DC

Chair massage is the perfect gift for teacher appreciation and first responder events, which Patricia regularly works. These essential workers are regularly on their feet and active, and need to reduce the stress and strain on their bodies. Improving the health and well being of someone you appreciate tends to be remembered versus the typical material gifts.

Every trade show, exhibit hall, expo, and conference wants to draw attendees and visitors to their booth and chair massage is consistently the most sought out giveaway. Attendees can come on a first come, first serve basis or sign up for appointments. Either method provides staff the valuable opportunity to engage and sell to the attendee. Patricia's talkative and upbeat attitude further improves the impression of the company or brand. She is also available to travel for multi-day events and has worked up and down the East Coast for startups to large businesses. If you want to ensure future or potential engagement at your next event, chair massage is sure to go a lot further than freebie promotional items or giveaways.

Prioritize Your Health
"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver." -Mahatma Gandhi